Scaly Leg Mite Balm

by Chicken Coach
Chicken Coach Scaly Leg Balm is 100% natural, pure and organic.
A natural, effective balm for the dreaded Scaly Leg Mite on chickens and other birds.  

Prevention is better than a cure, and I highly recommend the treatment of any bird that may have come into contact with a bird that has/had Scaly Leg Mite.
If you've had persistent issues with Scaly Leg Mite, I recommend applying Natural Poultry Essentials Scaly Leg Balm to your whole flock once per month.
How to treat scaly leg mites on chickens naturally:
Directions - 
Apply 1/2 to 1 teaspoon (2.5-5g) per leg and massage well into scales.
This formula is safe to use on all laying poultry and birds.

Here's how to use it - 

  1. SOAK 

Take a bucket of warm (not hot) soapy water. Soak the bird's legs for up to 5 minutes to soften the scales.

  1. BRUSH

Using an old toothbrush or soft nail brush, lightly brush over the legs. You are trying to clean the legs and remove dirt and old crusty scales – if they don't brush away easily, leave them.

  1. RINSE 

Grab a bucket and add clean water with a small splash of white vinegar to remove the soap and rinse the legs.


The aim is to suffocate the mites, so apply Scaly Leg Mite Balm to all areas. Start from where the feathers end on the legs down to and around each of the toes.

  1. REMOVE 

Clean out and replace all litter from the chicken coop.


Continue to apply the balm weekly for the first four weeks to the affected birds.


Even if the other birds in your flock are not showing signs of scaly leg mite, apply balm to all birds that have been in contact with the affected bird. Doing this once will minimise the chance of mites infecting others. This preventative step will save you time down the track!

If there are still many crusty scales after four weeks of chicken mites treatment, repeat the washing process. Then reapply balm fortnightly for a further eight weeks, 12 weeks in total.