Scaly Leg Mite Balm

by Chicken Coach
Chicken Coach Scaly Leg Balm is 100% natural, pure and organic.
A natural, effective balm for the dreaded Scaly Leg Mite on chickens and other birds.  

Prevention is better than a cure, and I highly recommend the treatment of any bird that may have come into contact with a bird that has/had Scaly Leg Mite.
If you've had persistent issues with Scaly Leg Mite, I recommend applying Natural Poultry Essentials Scaly Leg Balm to your whole flock once per month.
How to treat scaly leg mites on chickens naturally:
Directions - 
Apply 1/2 to 1 teaspoon (2.5-5g) per leg and massage well into scales.
This formula is safe to use on all laying poultry and birds.