Hello, I'm Elise McNamara

Whether it be sport, fashion, travel or music, everyone has a passion. Mine happens to have beaks and feathers. As anyone who knows me knows, I love poultry, no not poetry, poultry – yes, chickens!

Since a three-year-old, growing up on a dairy farm in Colac, chickens have been my obsession. Nowadays, my mission is to help free range egg producers, schools and families to keep their flocks free of disease and as productive as possible; and as naturally as possible. 

I’ve helped hundreds of families get started with chickens across Geelong and Melbourne, and now offer ongoing advice, online courses, in-person workshops, phone coaching and flock maintenance visits (worm testing, worming, dusting birds for mites etc). I now also sell the natural products that I love and use to keep my birds in tip-top condition.

I'm fortunate to have found many other passionate poultry people over the years, sharing and collecting knowledge from the best breeders, farmers, vets and avian specialists in Australia.

My special interests:

  • Chickens in Permaculture and practical garden design
  • Successfully keeping chickens in community settings
  • Role of nutrition in disease prevention and egg production
  • Chicken caravans - chicken behaviour and decreasing flock stress
  • Diversifying your farm with poultry

So if you or someone you know needs chicken advice, or you'd like to organise a workshop or masterclass for your feed store, school or community group, get in touch. I'm always happy to talk chooks!

Elise McNamara
Poultry Consultant