Getting Started Guide

Hi, I’m Elise McNamara, the Chicken Coach!

Since I was three, chickens have been my obsession.

Nowadays, my mission is to help free-range egg producers, schools and families to keep their flocks disease-free and productive, as naturally as possible.

I'm fortunate to have found many other passionate chook breeders, farmers, vets and avian specialists over the years. All who have helped shape and build my knowledge.

If you've never had chooks and don't know where to start, here is my guide on everything you need to know about backyard chickens.

Here are my helpful guides no matter what stage of the buying journey you're on.

What to Know Before You Buy

Don’t Buy Backyard Chickens Until You Read This

A Quick Guide on How to Choose a Chicken Breed

Choosing the Best Backyard Chicken Breeds: The Ultimate Guide

FAQs: Laying, Buying and the Best Breeds for Children

Setting up the Coop

How To Create the Ultimate Backyard Environment For Your Chickens

Buying Your Chickens

8 Questions to Ask the Breeder

Bringing Them Home

What to do When You Bring Your New Chickens Home

What to Feed Your Chickens


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I also offer backyard chicken workshops, online programs, phone coaching, and in-person support to families, schools, and free-range egg farmers.

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We’ve got more tips for raising backyard chickens beyond the basics. Become an egg-spert and follow my online guides to raising backyard chickens 101

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Elise McNamara, Chicken Consultant & Educator.