Sick chook basics for backyard owners

by chickencoach

Join expert chicken consultant and educator Elise McNamara for this live online workshop, Sick chook basics for backyard owners.

This workshop is module 7 of Elise's signature online course and coaching program, A-Z Natural Chicken Care online course & coaching program. You can buy access to this workshop separately, or view full details of the course and coaching support here.

Who is this workshop for?

Backyard chicken owners who want to build confidence in their own ability to observe their flock's health and behaviour. Identify the signs and symptoms that can indicate a bird needs veterinary attention.

When is it?

7:30 pm AEST, Thursday 1 September 2022.
A recording will be available for 7 days after the event if you can't make it live. The recording is a shorter version of the workshop. It's the same content without audience participation.

What will we cover?

  • How to do a basic health check on your flock
  • Signs and symptoms you may have an unwell member of the flock
  • The best, (most accurate and helpful) avian health resources for backyard owners
  • How to find a 'chicken vet'
  • What egg shell quality can say about a chicken's health
  • When, how, and why to isolate a chicken from the flock, even if you have a tiny backyard
  • Basic chicken first aid for the backyard owner
  • Common diseases of poultry and conditions to be aware of from a breeder or backyard owner perspective
  • How to build immunity in your flock

Please note that I'm NOT a vet. Please seek veterinary advice where appropriate. 

Advice is of a general nature, based on my 25 years of experience breeding and raising poultry and continuous learning from other poultry experts around the world. I have an extensive network of experts in all areas of poultry health and care and am used to dealing with complex scenarios.

How long is the class?

The webinar will run for 50 minutes, including Q+A.


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