Shell Grit for Chickens

by Natural Poultry Essentials

A must-have for laying pullets and hens! 

Why do your chickens need shell grit? 
Chickens don't have teeth! Therefore ensuring they have a supply of grit is critical to the health of their gizzard. It's also a critical source of calcium for strong bones and egg shells. 

What is shell grit?
Natural Poultry Essentials Shell Grit is literally broken up seashells. It's 100% real, natural and Australian. It's a mixture of fine and medium textures, perfect for laying hens and pullets. 

How to use shell grit for chickens 
Chooks love shell grit when it's clean and shiny, so keep half a cup at a time in a container that they can't scratch in. Allow them to "free choice", meaning rather than mixing it into their feed, offer it to them to peck as they please.

A small birdcage-style feeder hooked on the side of their coop or run (out of the weather), is perfect. Wet slightly if it's losing its lustre.