Seaweed Meal - Australian, organic

by Natural Poultry Essentials

What is Seaweed Meal?
100% pure, natural, Australian Seaweed Meal

Natural Poultry Essentials Seaweed Meal for Poultry is harvested from the clean, unpolluted oceans of Southern Australia. It also meets all of the standards of organic certification. 

How do I use Seaweed Meal with my chickens?
Seaweed meal can be sprinkled onto your hens' feed, but the easiest way is to hook a small birdcage style feeder onto the side of their coop/run and allow your birds to "free choice" - meaning they will help themselves as required. 

If you are mixing it into feed, add at a rate of 1-2% of their daily feed ration. 

What are the benefits of using Seaweed Meal on my chooks and other poultry?
Seaweed Meal is full of over 50 common, rare and trace minerals. The minerals are easily metabolised by your chickens in this form.