Book a Virtual Chicken Consult

by chickencoach

Need help with your chickens? 

Book a chat with me to work through your problem with practical, expert, evidence-based solutions, that are natural where possible.

Time is purchased in 30 minute blocks - buy more and save :) 
Sessions can be booked back to back, or saved for when you need them. Sessions are booked using Calendly. 

*Please note that I'm NOT a vet. Please seek veterinary advice where appropriate. 

Disclaimer: Advice is of a general nature, based on my 25 years' experience breeding and raising poultry and continuous learning from other poultry experts around the world. I have an extensive network of experts in all areas of poultry health and care and am used to dealing with complex scenarios. If I don't have an answer, I'll know someone who does!

I assist families, schools, egg farmers, vets and community organisations on the practical management of small-scale poultry.