35oC Heat + Stress Poultry Supplement 70g

by Chicken Coach

For days over 35 degrees, you need this supplement! I personally love this product and believe it has saved some of my bigger and older hens during heat waves or where the temperature fluctuates from 25 to 40 degrees the next day.

Want to help your flock thrive through periods of heat and stress?

Veterinarian formulated, Chicken Coach Co 35oC Heat + Stress is a great tasting, natural vitamin and mineral powder to help your hens cope with heat and other stress.

No withholding period for eggs or meat.

Simple add to your chickens' (or any poultry) water. It's amazing for heat waves and hot Australian summers. 

When to use

  • Heat waves
  • Travel & relocation
  • Illness
  • Moulting
  • Vaccinations

How to use 
Add 1 scoop per 4 litres of water. 28 scoops per packet. 
Start using two days prior to hot weather or stress. Replace daily to maximise nutrients. Use continuously for 3-5 days or longer during heat waves. Safe for long terms use. Once your hen has built up vitamins and mineral reserves, whatever is not used by your hen will simply be passed through their system. 

More about Chicken Coach 35oC Heat + Stress 
Stress is a leading cause of illness for poultry. Chicken Coach 35oC Heat + Stress is a great tasting, natural formula that assists in the prevention of mineral deficiencies - a leading cause of stress for our poultry. Use this product to assist in the prevention of stress and illness. 

No withholding period for eggs or meat.

Do not use if treating for coccidiosis as Vitamin B1 can interfere with some coccidiosis medications.