School Chicken Care for schools and community gardens

Want healthy, happy, hassle-free chooks at your school or community garden?

Co-owned chickens and poultry in schools, community gardens and other settings are more popular than ever.

But what happens during school holidays?
What will happen if the primary chook carer leaves?
When was the flock last checked and treated for lice and mites?

Co-owned chickens need a well defined roster of care and a knowledgable "chook team". 

I offer both one-off training and ongoing support for community gardens, schools and aged care to keep their flock healthy, happy and hassle free.  

I also support schools and groups wanting to get started with poultry.

I don't offer hatching programs (for many reasons), but I offer tailored consults and ongoing support to help you

  • Design and buy/build an easy-care chicken house that's predator proof and suited to your needs
  • Acquire beautiful, healthy heritage chooks from quality breeders that are suited to your climate and needs
  • Create a structured care plan and routine
  • Give you the knowledge for you to be confident in the care and health of your flock
  • Support you with 1:1 24 hour advice for any chook questions or concerns


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