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What if...

  • You were living a thriving, holistic, sustainable life in your backyard.
  • You felt confident in your own ability to observe your chickens health and behaviour and that they were happy and healthy.
  • You had an easy daily and monthly routine and you felt confident in the care and health of your chickens.
  • You had the knowledge to maintain the health of your flock, as naturally as possible.

 ...without wondering if you were doing it right or spending hours Googling misleading info!

Many people buy chickens to gift themselves and their children a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.

But most new chicken owners flocks are crawling with lice and mites. And many are riddled with parasites and chronic disease. It’s not that their owners don’t care about them!

Unfortunately chickens don’t come with a manual and hide their symptoms well. Many owners are unaware of the care required to keep them in tip-top health. It also doesn’t help that the internet is riddled with mis-information, especially around natural remedies and chemicals, and what to use, when and how.

Here's the problem...These are the top four things I’ve found in the majority of my backyard chicken consults:

1. Unfortunately many new owners are sold birds that are older or not as healthy as described.

2. Practical, natural-as-possible info from old-school breeders and poultry experts is hard to find.

3. Sick chickens hide their symptoms when they are stressed or unwell. Poultry diseases are very complex!

4. Owners don’t know where to go for reliable, expert help when they encounter complex problems.

About me...

Chickens have been my love since I was a toddler in gumboots

on my family’s dairy farm. I’ve always bred and raised poultry. I’ve kept both pure breed fowl as show birds; and commercial layers (Isa Brown, Hyline Reds) for organic egg production in a chicken caravan.

But in 2010 I bought birds that introduced respiratory diseases to my flock. I spent thousands on vet bills trying to eradicate the problem.

 This began my obsession on how we can use prevention to keep thriving, healthy birds, free of disease. This has evolved into my principles of using natural solutions where possible.

Commercial management methods such as “All In All Out” don’t apply to pets. Prevention through natural nutrition, excellent husbandry and reducing stress is key. And now I help poultry owners and farmers to do the same.

Who I work with - I have found that my training and solutions work best for two groups of people:

1. People who are looking to get started with chickens, or may have just got them. They want to get things right the first time and be confident caring for their new flock.

2. People who’ve had chickens for a while and want to know new and organic methods of caring for their birds that give their flock the best health possible and lay the healthiest eggs for their family.


How it works...

The course is made up of 10 modules covering all areas of backyard chicken care. On 1 July you’ll receive your log in details to view the videos and workbooks. There will be weekly live group Zoom calls in July and a private Facebook Group to get your questions answered.

Choosing and buying healthy chickens

You’ll be guided through how to choose the right breed for you, where to actually find healthy chickens, the questions to ask a breeder as well as get the right answers to frequently asked layer questions.

Housing for every backyard and the surprising must haves

Know what’s essential and what’s not when it comes to chicken housing. Discover the easy tweaks to avoid your chicken house being a deathtrap over summer and promote good health in winter.

What you need to feed for health and what not to

If you’ve had sick chickens in the past, you’ll want to pay attention! You’ll learn the exact brands and feeds I and other breeders recommend, the feed secret from my 98 year old mate to keep your hens as healthy as possible, and how to make it all as easy as possible for you.


Together we’ll bust the myths and misconceptions around moulting and give you a step by step plan of what you can

do to help your hens through their moult.

Hens behaving badly and what you need to do

Discover easy broodiness and boredom busters to get your hens back into routine and minimise bullying.

The honest truths about lice, mites, worms and scaly leg mite

Get the facts and make an informed choice when it comes to parasite management products. Plus know exactly how to use them and when. Be confident managing parasites with a care routine that suits your family.

Chicken diseases and preventative health

Feel confident in your own ability to observe your chickens’ health and what to do. We cover building immunity through natural care, avian biosecurity, sick chook symptoms as well cover all of the common backyard chicken diseases, one by one. You’ll be able to identify a sick bird and know what you can do to help get them back to health. Know exactly where to go for help, when you need it.

Preventative chicken health using herbs and remedies

Understand the fundamentals of Natural Poultry Nutrition and my #1 method for supplementing chickens without the risk of overdoing it. I’ll share with you the best products and recipes you can make at home when your hens need a boost!

Are my chickens happy?

Like people, chickens can get stressed. When they get stressed they’re more prone to illness. Avoid the common husbandry pitfalls that lead to a stressed out flock.

Your seasonal natural chicken care routine

Discover the timeless tips and tricks of breeders and poultry farmers for thriving, healthy poultry in summer, autumn, winter and spring!

Get ready for a coaching experience that discloses the secrets to setting up your chickens and your care routine for success. Experience exceptional chicken health, naturally!

3 weeks of detailed curriculum covering specialist chicken topics including 2 hours of training videos

 Weekly Q&A calls via Zoom

 Support via a private Facebook Group 

 12 months’ access to all content and videos 

 Lifetime access to a Private Facebook Group

Natural Chicken Care and Health Online Course with live coaching and 12 month’s access (valued at $275)


    • BONUS eBOOK: Simple Steps to Successful Backyard Chickens, 2020 Edition (valued at $33)
    • BONUS Training: Isa Brown and Hyline Care – Because chickens don’t come with a manual! (valued at $89)

Total value: $397 for a one-time payment of just


 Natural Chicken Care and Health Online Course with live coaching and 12 month’s access (valued at $275)


    • BONUS eBOOK: Simple Steps to Successful Backyard Chickens, 2020 Edition (valued at $33)
    • BONUS Training: Isa Brown and Hyline Care – Because chickens don’t come with a manual! (valued at $89)
  • AND ALSO...
    • 2 x 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom (valued at $80)
    • BONUS 1L of my favourite probiotic liquid for chickens sent to your door (valued at $35)
    • Chicken house site assessment (valued at $100)
    • Virtual tour of Briar Hill’s gardens and rare breed poultry with show breeder and Horticulturist, Ian Nash in Spring 2020 (valued at $97)

Total value: $709 for a one-time payment of just