Chicken housing for every backyard

by chickencoach

Join expert chicken consultant and educator Elise McNamara for this live online workshop, Chicken housing for every backyard.

This workshop is module 2 of Elise's signature online course and coaching program, A-Z Natural Chicken Care online course & coaching program. You can buy access to this workshop separately, or view full details of the course and coaching support here.

Who is this workshop for?

So you want to get your chicken housing right the first time or maybe you purchased a house or coop you're not happy with and want to improve it?

This class will give you the exact steps, recommended brands, recommended materials, plus tips for practical, cost-effective chicken housing for every backyard.

When is it?

7:30 pm AEST, Thursday 21 July 2022.
A recording will be available for 7 days after the event if you can't make it live. The recording is a shorter version of the workshop. It's the same content without audience participation.

What will we cover?

  • Chicken houses don't need to be pretty, they need to be functional! I'll be taking you through the 12 functional and practical factors I consider when I'm helping a client design or select a coop, house or chicken tractor to suit their property and their lifestyle. 
  • From there, we'll walk through a checklist of considerations for your next chicken house, no matter your location, space, or budget. Learn the essentials of housing for health and wellbeing and what's 'nice to have'
  • The best designs, brands and materials for everything from your house, doors and chicken run, to your feeder, drinker, perch, nest boxes, with options for every budget
  • Discover the easy tweaks to avoid your chicken house being a deathtrap over summer and how to promote good health in winter
  • The exact brands I recommend if you're buying a kit chicken house
  • The exact designs and materials I recommend for DIY builds
  • Functional housing design hacks for every budget and upcycling everyday items 

How long is the class?

The webinar will run for 50 minutes, including Q+A.


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