Chicken First Aid Kit

by chickencoach

Product disclaimerPlease seek veterinary advice where appropriate. This first aid kit is not to be used in place of veterinary care.

What's in this chicken first aid kit?

  • Rescue Remedy - Many breeders swear by dabbing Rescue Remedy on your hen's comb to relieve stress following an injury.
  • All Farm Amprolium 200, 100g - For the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis which can be common in chicks and young birds (rare in adult birds).
  • Saline Solution - for gently cleaning wounds and eyes
  • Chicken Coach 35oC Heat + Stress Poultry Powder 70g - This high-quality water-soluble powder can help reduce vitamin deficiencies and can be used alongside antibiotic treatment. Do not use if treating for coccidiosis as Vitamin B1 can interfere with some coccidiosis medications like Amprolium.
  • Betadine - Antiseptic for minor cuts, abrasions, and minor infections
  • Cohesive bandage in 2.5cm (the perfect width for chickens!) and 5cm widths - bandaging cleaned wounds, injuries or after bumblefoot treatment
  • New, clean cotton towel - for cleaning as needed
  • 3ml Pipettes and 3ml/5ml/10ml syringes for hand feeding, measuring medications and gently flushing wounds or eyes
  • 5cm and 10cm non-stick gauze pads that can be cut to size
  • First Aid Scissors
  • First Aid tweezers
  • Corn Starch for minor bleeding nails
  • Latex-Free Disposable Gloves
  • Icy Pole Sticks - can be used as a splint
  • Cotton Tips - for cleaning
  • Cotton pads - for cleaning or dabbing Rescue Remedy or Betadine

What's not in this kit? 

You won't find antibiotics in this kit. I recommend you only use veterinary-strength antibiotics that have been prescribed by a vet for a diagnosed condition. In my experience, long-term use or misuse of products like Triple C and Oxymav B can do more harm than good. If you don't have easy access to a vet or you would feel more comfortable having something like this on hand for emergencies, do so, but just know they're likely to not be as effective as vet-prescribed antibiotics.

The other two things I don't sell but have in my personal first aid kit are a pair of cat nail clippers for trimming nails and organic honey, or Manuka honey for minor infections. If you've participated in a workshop or course with me you'll know I've seen some great results with honey on bumble foot. Again, not vet advice and it will not cure bone infections, and doesn't replace antibiotics if they're needed, but I've seen some great results in it drawing out early infections. Elise