9 Things to Consider Before You Get Chickens

The decision to keep chickens needs forethought, as with any other pet. Chickens are simple to care for, if you master the basics — their housing, their feed and their regular care.

Here is a quick list of things to consider before getting backyard hens:

  1. Landlord’s permission?

  2. Number of chickens allowed by your council?

  3. Other council regulations? E.g. distance of a chicken yard from a neighbouring or road facing fence?

  4. Impact on neighbours? Some breeds (including hens!) are particularly noisy

  5. A rooster? —seriously noisy!

  6. Do you have a dog? Will they be ok sharing their yard?

  7. Weather extremes? Heat waves, snow, flooding or a fire prone area?

  8. What predators are a risk to your chickens?

  9. Do you want the chickens to forage in your garden or be enclosed all the time in a run?

With a little planning, you’ll enjoy healthy, productive chickens that give you fresh eggs and so much company and joy with their backyard antics.

Want more info on getting started with chickens? Check out my eBook, Simple Steps to Successful Backyard Chickens or join me for an online or in-person chicken workshop.


Yours in healthy, productive chickens,   

Elise McNamara
Poultry Consultant
Helping families, schools and egg farmers to keep healthy, productive hens. 


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